Running your own marketing with little success?

Let the experts run it for profit!

We engineer dynamite marketing strategies that will perfect your brand and bring your business the attention it deserves.


Web Site

Your website is the face of your business. Our team of passionate creatives will design a website that brings out the “wow” factor. Remember, increasing your conversion rate by 1% may mean doubling your business.

Set Up a Website


Creating a complete crowdfunding campaign is our speciality.  We will take you step by step through the whole process to make sure you won’t miss a beat.  Our experience in crowdfunding has given us the knowledge to understand how to drive the right people to your campaign and convert on them once they’re there!

You’re in good hands with CrowdTap. These guys know what it takes to run a successful campaign. Their customer service and professionalism takes them over the top.
Vincent Bradley, Former CEO of FlashFunders
Raise Funds


Want to get the attention of the people most likely to become customers?  Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Ads put your company right in front of the consumers eyes. Imagine customers come at your doorsteps on demand.

Launch ADS Campaign

Social Media MARKETING

Social media marketing has become one of the most effective ways to create an audience.  CrowdTap will build a social media strategy, increase your following and help deliver spectacular, on-brand content directly to your community.

Run a SMM Campaign

PR & Influencer Marketing

Virality is a powerful concept when it comes to running a business.  A monumental article in a well known publication or authentic content coming from an influencer your customers love can quickly make your business go viral.  Our team has years of experience in your industry eco-system and the ability to connect you with some of the most persuasive influencers in the world!

Go Viral


Our primary focus is to help tech entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley and beyond to build an avid community of brand ambassadors and passionate customers who are invested in your company's success.

What makes Us Different

Data Focused
Numbers speak to us, not personal opinions. We place a large emphasis on letting data guide all business decisions.  Everything we do is tested and meticulously analyzed to ensure we are getting the best results possible.
Growth and scalability are the pillars that every successful business need. We will offer you more resources based on your needs to reach exponential growth. We grow alongside with your business. As your marketing needs scale, we will devote you more resources based on your needs. 
Having a large multicultural multi skilled team and advanced tools allows us to offer services that go much beyond crowdfunding. When it comes to marketing, we’re confident that we have an expert in every field!
Inspired by the most successful tech companies in the Silicon Valley, we shaped our approach and techniques, which  allows us to produce world-class results. We use agile software development methodology in marketing.


Michael Moormeier
CEO at MobileSpike Inc.
Nobody knows how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign like the CrowdTap team. They will take you through the ins and outs of what you need to do to prepare for a campaign.
Vincent Bradley
CEO at FlashFunders
You’re in good hands with CrowdTap. These guys know what it takes to run a successful campaign. Their customer service and professionalism takes them over the top
Kevin Bowman 
CEO at Startup inc.
The CrowdTap Team leades you from A to B, they helped me to rise some serious funds for my Start Up. Highly recommended.
Equity Crowdfunding may be new, but the concept is anything but. Now people can invest as little as $100 in your startup and support your mission. Our team has cracked the formula of successful equity crowdfunding campaigns.
Raise on your own terms
Build your community of brand ambassadors
Get New customers
Keep control of the company
Increase Brand Awareness and Get Media
Let institutional investors to take you more seriously


Our Mission is to give outstanding startup founders an opportunity to connect with their tribe and raise capital from their avid community. CrowdTap also helps aspiring investors and startup enthusiasts identify and invest into disruptive entrepreneurs.

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